Advantages of Family Mediation

There are numerous advantages to mediation:

Less Drama.  Mediation is les​s traumatic than a contested family law case that plays out in court.

More Alternatives.  Mediation may lead to creative strategies that are not available to a judge.

Better Communication.  Mediation encourages open dialogue and rational discussions about the issues.

You Are In Control.  Mediation allows the parties to make decisions concerning their families.

Confidentiality.  Mediation is a confidential process.  So, you will not need to air your family's dirty laundry through public filings and a public hearing.

Less Intrusion.  Mediation is less intrusive. You will not be cross-examined during a mediation. Unlike a judge, the mediator will not order you to answer questions asked by the opposing attorney.

Less Expensive.  Mediation also saves money because negotiation is far less expensive than paying for expert testimony, depositions, and hearing preparation.

Faster Resolution.  Mediation is more timely than litigating a family law case.  Parties who know the facts can negotiate a resolution faster than they can build a case to prove who is "right" or "wrong."  And, mediation occurs according to your schedule rather than the court's docket.  Mediation places the parties - not the court system - in control of the outcome.  Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding alternative to court.  If the parties do not reach an agreement, the mediator will simply declare an impasse.  From a legal standpoint, you are no worse off than you were at the beginning.

Better for Your Children.  Mediation is better for your children, who are often caught in the middle of the conflict that arises in a family law case.  Children frequently suffer when there is a long and bitter court case.  Children typically do better when their parents can resolve their dispute by reaching an agreement. 

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How Does Mediation Work?

​Divorce and other family disputes bring both emotional and physical changes for families.

When couples separate, they need to resolve many issues, including how they will parent their children and
​​ how they will meet their financial obligations.

Stress and conflict naturally result from the sometimes inevitable conflict that arises over these issues.

If the parties to a family law case can resolve their issues with the least amount of conflict, the parties and their children are likely to benefit.

An experienced mediator can help parties reach an agreement on the most complex and difficult issues.

Family Medi​ation 


Mediation allows parties to negotiate an agreement with the assistance of a neutral facilitator.

​Mediation is required in most family law disputes because it works
.  There are numerous advantages to resolving your family law dispute in mediation rather than through litigation.  Finding the right Florida family law mediator is a key part of resolving your family law case.  

Mediation empowers parties to control their own future.  Parties to a family law dispute frequently know their circumstances much better than a judge who only has a limited window to learn all of the important facts and tailor a solution.

The parties are typically in the best position to decide what is right for their family. An experienced Tampa family law mediator may be able to help the parties reach an agreement, bring their case to a close, and move on with their lives.

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